What Comprehensive Car Service Means to Your Car

If you have brought your car in to the dealership for servicing already, then you may be familiar with all of the parts of a thorough car service. One of the most important processes that we'll complete for your car is an oil change. The air filter will be examined and may be cleaned. Sometimes the filter will need to be replaced entirely. The requirements of the vehicle will determine when and how often the filter needs to be changed.

Our mechanics will also check out the headlights and taillights, the indicator lights, the batteries, tires, the clutch (when necessary), the brakes, the exhaust, and the wheel alignment. Fluids, such as power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid, will be checked and topped off as needed. Along the way, the mechanics will determine if the car needs to be tuned. Most cars have spark plugs to be reset and tuned. The air pressure in the tires will be checked. All cars, including those with diesel engines, need to be tuned routinely in order to reduce and minimize emissions. The car's history will be used to determine when other parts should be changed.

A normal trip to have the car serviced is fairly comprehensive as technicians review almost every piece of equipment in the car. Diagnostics may be completed in addition to the other processes. This often includes checking the state of shock absorbents  and the suspension of the car.

Newer cars typically require less servicing than older cars and some types of cars need more attention than others. Many of today's cars have computer systems and other advanced components that require special equipment for use in servicing. If you have a newer car, then the quality of diagnostic technology is nearly as important as the expertise of the technician who is performing the servicing.

As you regularly take your car in for routine servicing, you can expect better performance, improved fuel economy, and a longer life span for your car. Perhaps the most important benefit of consistent service  will be the dependability of your car, protecting you from mishaps when you can least afford them.

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