Build Your Credit with In-House Auto Financing

If you are looking into used cars in order to buy your first vehicle but have a limited credit or employment history, you may find that most banks are not willing to grant you an auto loan. This can make matters difficult for you, whether you need a car to travel back and forth to work every day or are planning to attend college in a location where car ownership is all but a must. However, we can offer you a variety of in-house financing options that will both help you buy a car and build a solid credit history as well.

Less Employment History May Be Required  

Many banks have strict guidelines when it comes to granting auto loans, which can make it difficult for young people to secure one. They often require you to work a certain number of hours or meet a minimum annual wage before you can get approved, and if you are a student who works part time, this may make getting such a loan out of your reach. However, we offer in-house financing solutions for almost any employment situation, whether you have only just started working or do freelance work in order to pay for your college.

Build Your Credit for the Future  

Because we have a variety of options for in-house financing, securing a loan from our dealership will allow you to build credit history that may benefit you in the future. When car payments are made promptly through our in-house financing programs, they will be noted on your credit report and may have a positive impact when other lenders need to decide whether they should lend you a line of credit. When your vehicle is paid off, this may further improve your credit history.

Obtaining in-house financing through our dealership may allow you to choose from a wider range of quality used cars and set you on a path to building excellent credit for the future.


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