Used Cars - 5 Facts You May Not Know

Here are some facts:

1. If your budget doesn't allow you to purchase a brand new vehicle, buying a used one is a good thing.

2. Depreciation happens the most within the first couple of years. Look for cars that are about two to three years old with low mileage. That way, you lower your original cost while it's still under warranty.

3. Cars that are pre-owned are a good alternative for someone who can't afford the same type brand new.

4. If it is certified, it means it passed an inspection by a technician who is trained in mechanics. Many dealers do sell certified pre-owned models and have a selection at their dealership. The vehicles must meet very strict requirements. The manufacturer will provide an additional warranty upon purchase. Only a small percentage will pass and get a certification.

5. If you have a trade-in, obtain a certification, if possible. That way, the dealer can add it to the pre-owned certified inventory. If it doesn't have that qualifying document, the dealer will have to get it to an auction. A certified pre-owned car has almost the exact same guarantees of service as a new one, but it is less expensive.

Years ago my father would buy used cars in Mississauga. He never could afford a brand new one. He maintained it and it lasted a long time. I only remember him owning 3 vehicles throughout 40 some years. Now "used cars" are called Pre-Owned cars. That does sound much better considering it can be a great thing to own one!
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