Three Important Parts Of Your Car To Have Routinely Checked

Regular car service is the best way to keep your car running smoothly and to save money in the long term. In addition, it is vitally important for your safety to keep certain parts of the car under a watchful eye. The three most important parts to have checked are the brakes, tires, and coolant. 


The brakes are the number one most important part of your car to routinely check on and maintain. Most car problems merely cause inconvenience by preventing your car from starting, or making a strange sound. Brake failure, however, can be deadly. Fortunately, keeping your brakes working well is easy - just be sure to have the brakes checked every time you bring your car to the dealer for regular maintenance. Both the fluid level and brake pads are important to maintain. 


Keeping your tires well maintained is another aspect of car maintenance that relates directly to your safety on the road. While most flat tires occur without too much drama, it can still be dangerous to have a blowout while driving. Additionally, tires lose friction as the treads wear out, causing dangerous conditions in snow and ice. Your dealer will be able to replace the tires for you when it is appropriate. You can also check your tread depth yourself by inserting a penny upside-down into the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you need to replace the tires.


Engine coolant is a liquid that runs through your radiator and serves a variety of purposes. It contains antifreeze, so that fluid doesn't freeze in the winter, helps prevent corrosion, and cools down the engine as it runs. It is important not only to keep your coolant topped off to the right level, but also to remember to have it changed every two years, or every 24,000 miles. Low or ineffective coolant can lead to the engine overheating, and even to a fire.

Having these parts of your car checked regularly is a great way to increase the lifespan of your car, and to ensure you stay safe on the road and at Mississauga Auto Centre we can help. Visit us today!
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