Safe Night Driving Tips for Your Used Car

Getting used to a new used car in Burlington can take some time. However, no matter how long you've had your car, you should follow the same night driving precautions and tips in order to ensure that you stay safe on the road at night. Here are some tips to help you stay safe when driving your used car in Oakville at night:

Avoid Being Blinded by Oncoming Traffic

It is common for lights from oncoming traffic to temporarily blind you as you drive at night. This blindness may be exacerbated if other drivers use their high beams, which increases the intensity of the light from the headlights and can make it nearly impossible for you to see the road.

If you are unable to see the road because of the lights from oncoming traffic, divert your eyes to the right side of the road and use the painted lines as guides. Slow down until you feel comfortable and can see again.

Adjust Your High Beams According to Driving Conditions As Needed

Your high beams and low beams will provide a different depth of coverage. High beams will stretch the light further down the road than your low beams. However, high beams are not safe to use in busy traffic, as they can blind other drivers. Make sure that you understand how far your low and high beams reach, especially when travelling at high rates of speed, so that you can know what your braking distance is.

Use the Night Setting for the Mirror

Every rearview mirror has a night setting that helps to reduce the glare from headlights during night travel. You can ask your dealer for information about how to adjust your rearview mirror on your used car if you are not familiar with this setting.

Be Prepared for Breakdowns

Whether you have a new or used car, you may experience an unexpected breakdown. Some breakdowns occur as the result of an accident. Other breakdowns occur as a result of other conditions. Be sure that you know how to turn on your hazard lights so that you can alert other drivers that your vehicle is not moving. Also, keep flares and other reflectors on hand in an emergency kit to help illuminate your vehicle.

Contact Mississauga Auto Centre today for more information about how you can safely drive your used car in Mississauga at night. We're also happy to help you put together an emergency kit that will keep you safe in all conditions throughout the year.

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