Not Just a Dealership: Service and Maintenance Also Available

Your car is your link to the world, so when it comes time for service or maintenance you need to know everything will be done right the first time. Making multiple trips to the local garage just won't do. As a local dealership, we can offer service and maintenance which is both efficient and affordable, without busting your budget.

We have serviced a variety of vehicles and have access to many different standard parts and services. No matter the make, model, or year of your car, we can find the right part for you, often on the same day. Getting same day service doesn't just save you time, it can also save you money since you won't need a bus fare to get around, or to take time off from work due to a lack of wheels.

That's not the only way we can save you money. Bringing your car to a dealership service is a great way to save money because, unlike a garage, we don't use repairs and service as our only source of income. You can trust that you're getting the best deal available the first time and every time.

Since we also buy and sell used cars, we have a lot of experience with service and repairs. Any car we buy will be inspected and repairs made to get it in good condition. The same high standards we apply to repairs for a product will be used when we look over your car. You can trust that when you bring your vehicle to us for regular car service that your car will leave in as great of condition as the ones we sell.

Don't wait! If your car has a small problem now, bring it in before it becomes a big, expensive problem. You can save time and money by using our dealership for your repair needs.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you out and speed you on your way. 
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