Keep Your Car Beautiful with Auto Detailing

Most people spend hundreds of hours in their cars each year.  Between commuting to work or school, taking road trips, and driving to weekend destinations, our cars soon become dirty from excessive use.  Our cars can gather dust, leaves, and dirt.  And that's only the interior!  The exterior becomes discolored from mud and all kinds of other debris.  Unfortunate occurrences such as these make auto detailing all the more necessary.


Why to Detail Your Car 

There are many reasons to detail your car.  A good detailing will leave your car looking nearly brand new.  Waxing the exterior will preserve your car's paint, helping your vehicle look good for years to come.  Especially if you drive clients around or work in an industry where your car is on display, it is important to help your automobile fulfill its aesthetic potential.


Keeping your car's interior clean is just as important as maintaining its exterior.  The interior is what surrounds you for those long road trips.  Wouldn't it be nice to be in an environment free of trash and dust?  Maybe the grime doesn't bother you.  Do you think your passengers would appreciate a clean car?


If you properly detail your car, its value on the secondary market will be substantially higher.  Nobody wants to purchase a vehicle covered with dirt and dust.  A clean car will appeal to more customers, and those people will be willing to pay more for the vehicle.


Our Offerings


At Thor Motors, we offer three different detailing options.  With our bronze package, you will receive vacuumed carpets and mats, a wiped dashboard, clean windows, a quick hand wash and wipe jambs.  Our gold package comes with a full interior shampoo, salt removal, a clean head liner, a quick hand wash, and a spray wax.  Our most comprehensive cleaning, the platinum package, includes everything from the gold package along with rim restoration, a waxing, a buffing of any scratches, paint hitch, and a cleaning and restoration of rims and wheel wells.


Treat Your Car Right


If you treat your car right, you are the one who stands to benefit.  Keep it clean on the exterior, and your car will not rust.  Maintain the interior, and you will be treated to a pleasant driving experience.  For as much time as you spend in the car, a detailing is a small investment for a large payoff.
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