Get Your Car a Winter Tune Up

Wintertime can be hard on everyone and almost everything. Your car is no exception which makes getting a winter tune up a great idea. There are a number of tasks that Mississauga Auto Centre will  do during winter car service that can make a big difference in the overall performance that you can expect from your vehicle.

Tires are probably the part of winter preparation that you think of first. The right tires should be able to give you traction on slippery roads, but your tire pressure should not be forgotten. Without the correct level of tire pressure, even the best tires cannot perform as they were intended to. Your dealer should be able to tell you if they are where they need to be, and correct the pressure if they aren't. Keep in mind that the cold temperatures will affect tires differently than warm temperatures, and what was the correct pressure in the summer may not be accurate for winter.

We won't stop at your tires, however. Wipers, 4WD, fluid levels, heating systems, and lights are all pieces of a much bigger puzzle. By checking each and every one of these items or systems one by one, your dealer will be able to determine whether or not your car is ready for the demands of winter.

Finally, we will check your battery. The frigid temperature that your car will face during the winter tends to put added stress on this part of your vehicle. Before you end up in a situation where you wake up to a dead car, you should spend the short amount of time at the dealership having this part checked.

Making the decision to get winter car service can change the way that you survive the winter. With the right tires filled to the correct level of pressure, properly functioning lights and heating systems, and a battery that you can count on, you can expect to have fewer problems on the road and less trouble making it through the winter.
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