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We can help get you approved for a car loan regardless of your credit history. We offer different credit options at Mississauga Auto Centre. We are able to offer you competitive financing and leasing rates for major lenders and can guide you through the process to get you into your new car smoothly. If your credit score is an issue we do also have lending options for you and as every situation is unique we encourage you to come in and talk to one of our friendly staff to help answer any questions you might have.

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The Term of Your Auto Loan in the Toronto Area

Borrowing is a great way to expand the buying power you have, but deciding on the repayment term of the loan can be tricky. At Mississauga Auto Center, our financial experts can show you a variety of options for car loans that will meet your goals. If you are planning to keep your car for ten years or more, stretching out the length of time you have to repay makes a lot of sense. A lower payment over a longer term gives you time to make payments that are comfortable for you. Have the vehicle you want, and hold on to more of your cash. If you are the type of person who likes to buy a different car every one to two years, having a shorter term payment plan with a higher monthly payment protects you from negative equity when it's time to trade it in. Regardless of what you decide, we are here to help. Fill out our online credit application, and let us get working for you right away.

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