Busting Myths About Used Cars

If you've ever had a used car, you know they don't deserve the bad rap they sometimes get. We know there are some common myths out there about the quality, mileage, and diversity of pre-owned cars, and we want to dispel those myths to help you find the car of your dreams.


We know you love your car. You treat it well, follow your recommended maintenance schedule, and keep it clean. So do lots of people! Many used vehicles are traded in by caring owners who have been diligent about their upkeep and are just ready to make a change. You can find plenty of clean, well-appointed and high-quality used vehicles at your dealership.


There's a prevailing myth out there that you can't find a used car with less than 100,000 miles. For one thing, that simply isn't true. There are many reasons for someone to sell or trade in their car even if it has low mileage: it wasn't the primary vehicle in a multi-car household, they regularly took public transportation and reserved their vehicle for special journeys, or maybe that particular vehicle was no longer serving their needs. For another thing, technology has improved and vehicles are lasing longer now, so 100,000 miles doesn't indicate the same point in a vehicle's lifecycle that it used to.


Maybe you've mentioned to someone that you're looking for a particular make and model, and you've been told, "You'll never find that used." Think again! You can find a huge selection of used vehicles at the dealership, and not just models sporting the basic packages, either. We can help you find the car you're looking for with the options you need.

There are plenty of rumors out there about used cars that just aren't true. Don't let common misconceptions keep you from finding your perfect vehicle! We can help you find a high-quality vehicle with reasonable mileage so you can hit the road in comfort and style.

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