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Almost all vehicles sold by dealers today are sold certified and emissions test. Standards and regulations put forth by the relative governing bodies set out standards; which must be met in order for a vehicle to be considered road worthy and safe. Although, more and more people believe they found they right "deal", when really there vehicle might only be buying a car that meets the minimum requirements for certification, if not worse. Being in business for over 30 years doesn't just mean that we know our stuff, but we also have a reputation to uphold. We know that if you purchase a vehicle from us and it performs and runs well and does not require servicing soon after purchasing, you will be grateful and see the added value of buying a Mississauga Auto Centre vehicle because our sales is back by our service.

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We have been able to continue to grow our business by abiding to our ideals and serving our customer's with honesty and integrity. We have the pleasure to continue to do so, and hope that honesty, hard work, and referrals will lead the way into the future as it has in the past. If you tired of feeling pressured or mislead, come by and experience a different vehicle buying experience and even if we don't have something you like, we'll inspect your other potential purchase for free.

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The Features You Want In Your Next Used Car in the Burlington Area

Take a look at the car you're driving now, and ask yourself if it has all of the features you want. Do you wish that your car had cruise control? Would you like to have a keyless entry system and power windows? Are you constantly fumbling with a sun visor that is just too short? When shopping for you next car, it's important to look for all of those little things that you want your car to have. The sales price, vehicle condition, and financing are all important, but you aren't going to be driving the "deal" around every day for the next couple of years. You are going to be driving around your car. If you ever find yourself wishing that you had navigation or automatic windshield wipers, now is the time to get in contact with our sales associates at Mississauga Auto Center. You'll find what you are after in our selection of used cars.

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