The Best Time to Buy a Used Car

When you decide to buy your vehicle can play a huge part in how much you can expect to pay for your vehicle, and that's true of both new and used cars. We know you may feel eager to get behind the wheel of your new ride as soon as possible, but we'd also like to offer a few words of advice to help you find the best used car sales and the best deal.


While you may have more time to shop for a car on the weekend, clearing your schedule for a few hours on a weekday could be better for you. Specifically, Monday is one of the best days to shop for a used car, mainly because there's likely not very much foot traffic for you to contend with. Dealerships are likely to have more time to devote to you and your car-buying needs.

Black Friday

If you aren't too stuffed from your Thanksgiving feast, shopping for a new car on Black Friday could make for receiving deep discounts on your car. Even though traffic may not be flowing smoothly, which can make you think twice about leaving the house, you have to remember that everyone is likely going to the mall and big box stores instead of the car dealership. The iron has never been hotter; it's time to strike.

Towards the End and Beginning of the Year

If you can put off your trip to the car dealership to the end of the year or the first few days of the new year, salespeople may be more open to giving you a good deal on a used car. Car dealerships don't operate on the same calendar, which means the cutoff for the sales month and year could be as late as January 5th.

Timing is essential when it comes to buying a car, new or used. Use these tips to plan your buy and to find the perfect car.

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