4 Warnings About Buying Used Cars from Private Dealers

It is common for folks buying used cars in Mississauga to look to private sellers for special deals and low prices. Many people believe that private used car sellers have more flexibility when it comes to negotiations, which could result in a significantly low price for a car. However, we believe that there is some degree of danger in purchasing a car through a private seller instead of purchasing it through a dealer. Here are 4 warnings about buying used cars from a private seller that may encourage you to revisit your local dealer:

No warranty.

One of the greatest benefits of buying used cars in Mississauga from a dealer is that the dealer usually has a warranty program that will help to cover the cost of service to the vehicle. Often, the warranty program comes directly from the manufacturer and covers bumper-to-bumper issues relating to the used car.
However, in order to obtain a certified warranty, an authorized dealer has to inspect the car based on the manufacturer's required check-list for certification. Only authorized dealers can provide the certified used car warranty that is offered by many manufacturers.

In addition to the manufacturer warranty, many dealers, such as ours, also offers a comprehensive warranty program for all used cars in Brampton.

Safety and vehicle inspection.

We inspect every used car in Oakville that we sell in order to ensure that it is safe and reliable. Many private dealers do not have their vehicles inspected. Instead, the buyer will have to pay for the cost to have a neutral mechanic inspect the car, which can add several hundred dollars to the sale price.

Little vehicle history.

We know the history of each used car that we sell. For example, if the vehicle has been in a flood, we can choose not to sell the vehicle. Or, if we do choose to sell it, we can alert the buyer to the vehicle's flood history, if at all applicable. However, if you buy a used car from a private seller, you may not get a reliable vehicle history report. Instead, you'll have to spend money to buy your own vehicle history report, which will be based on the vehicle's VIN.

Vehicle title. Many private dealers do not have the proper documentation verifying that they are the rightful owner of a particular vehicle. In order for the sale of a vehicle to be legal, a seller needs to transfer the vehicle title to the buyer. When you work with a dealer, we ensure that we have the legal title to all vehicles that we sell. That way, we are able to transfer the title to our customers quickly and easily while they wait.

Contact us for more information about the pitfalls of buying used cars from private sellers or to learn more about the benefits of buying from a dealer.

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